How to Start Adulting

The Goal of is to honor the cultivation of spirituality and intentional living to help young adults develop self-awareness, improve self-esteem, and shift their perspective on what it means to live a successful life

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Adulting Survival Guide

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Are you seeking information to overcome challenges, while managing mental stressors and insecurities associated with Adulthood?

Here are 10 helpful ways to physically, mentally, and emotionally succeed in the next phase of your life. 

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Cherish the Interlude

A Collection of Poems for Successfully Thriving into Adulthood

Be inspired to chase your dreams, build healthy relationships, and deepen your personal growth.

Purchase this progressive poetry book that will help you reduce stress, develop healthy habits, and  strengthen your self-love & self-care routine for adulting success!

Here's What People Are Saying!

I love Dr. A's authenticity and transparency while sharing knowledge and data to the audience. What impressed me the most was her sincerity and kindness. There are so many Young Adults that are hurting, frustrated, in a lot of pain, and carrying a lot of pressure. Her presentation will help them and their parents see what they are going through. Excellent information and tremendous speaker!

Jarilyn C.

Hold On To The Essentials

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Journal Prompts for Building Success

Answer questions that will bring awareness to your thoughts, behaviors, and habits for the purpose of identifying your strengths and areas needing improvements.


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Mindfulness Activities 

Reduce Stress. Improve Self Awareness.

Increase Confidence & Success

Effective Mindfulness Activities to help you evaluate your thoughts, grow deeper in self-awareness, and evolve positively.

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All Things of Value


Our Stationery Store & Gift Shop provides essential products to help shift your perspective on what it means to thrive healthily, intentionally, and authentically into adulthood!

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"These cards are absolutely beautiful and easy to use. The scripture on each one has been so relevant to my daily messages and connects me to The Word. Love them!"

— Ashley S


"I’ve had a few good and bad days recently but today I needed a word and my For Your Inner G affirmation card deck came through! You didn’t come this far to only come this far…."

— Empress E

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