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For Your Inner G Believes in the Power of Mental Wealth!

The ability to manage stress and emotions to create better outcomes in life.

🧩 We help teens and young adults understand the importance of self-care and the power of positive thinking.


🧩 We offer a range of services including youth coaching, SEL workshops, mindfulness trainings, and one-on-one consultations.


🧩 Our mission is to give teens and young adults the tools they need to navigate life’s challenges and to take charge of their mental health.


🧩 We want to help our clients discover their inner greatness and reach their highest potential.

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Receive the essentials you need to connect with God, live in your purpose, and grow into your best!

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Are you ready to unlock your Inner Greatness? For Your Inner G is here to guide you on your journey to spiritual growth and intentional living! Through our resources, we'll help you develop self-awareness, boost your self-esteem and redefine success. Join us and start living your best life today!

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Free InnerG

Adulting Survival Guide

Our Adulting Survival Guide provides tips on self-care, managing relationships, finding a career path, and more. With our guidance, you can make the journey to adulthood smoother and more rewarding. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned adult, our Adulting Survival Guide will provide you with the tools and resources to face the challenges of adult life with confidence.

Are you Searching for Ways to Overcome Self-Defeat, Stress, and Feelings of Depression?

The Nation’s Leading Mindfulness Coach, Dr. A, is Here to Help!

Breathe, Feel, and Live! Mindfulness Coaching Program

Empowering Young Adults: A 7-Step System to Help Them Thrive Mentally, Emotionally, and Socially into Adulthood


Our 12-week personalized program is designed to equip young adults with the tools they need to thrive in adulthood.


Upon completing this program, participants will: 

  • Become effective decision-makers in all aspects of life

  • Excel in conflict management

  • Develop mental fortitude 

  • Attract success and wealth

Join us on this journey to become your best self, and adjust to the rhythms of life in a healthy and prosperous way!

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Failing to participate in this program may lead to several negative consequences, such as poor decision-making abilities, risky behavior, depressive moods, anxious thoughts, toxic relationship building, and entering adulthood unprepared.

Discover What Everyone is Talking About!

There are so many Young Adults that are hurting, frustrated, in a lot of pain, and carrying a lot of pressure. Her presentation will help them and their parents see what they are going through. Excellent information and tremendous speaker!


Dr. Jarilyn Conner

The part of the presentation that impacted me the most was Dr. A's story about her High School experience.I like how she shared her perspective in a way for us to relate. Individuals who are going through a tough time in life should hear this message to get motivated.

High School Student

Bryce Miller

She is young, gifted, and a Black woman that has the ability to draw in others through her presentation about her journey. It impacted me to hear her say that youth can achieve their dreams, if they put God first to accomplish all things.

Associate Minister

Rev. LaRhonda Cook

I love the practical, realistic, and impactful options Dr. A provides to improve one's Mental Health. The speaker's personal experiences and life lessons were very touching and will help others gain control over their mental wealth. Her passion was very well felt.

High School Teacher

Mrs. Christina Gleaton


Cherish the Interlude

A Collection of Poems for Successfully Thriving into Adulthood

Top Wise and Witty Self-Help Books for Teens

Empower Yourself to Make Informed Life Decisions and Deepen Your Connection to Others


This self-help book is designed to help teenagers and young adults make positive changes in their lives.


By following the guidance provided, you can reduce self-defeating behaviors, manage life's transitions with ease, achieve your goals, and foster a stronger sense of self and community. 


Purchase your copy today and start thriving into adulthood with greater strength, wisdom, and authenticity.

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All Things of Value


Discover a Fresh Outlook on Healthy, Intentional, and Authentic Living with Our Mental Wealth Stationery Store & Gift Shop!

Find essential products that will help you shift your perspective on what it means to lead a fulfilling life as an adult.

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