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Breathe, Feel, and Live! Youth Mindfulness Coaching Program

A Youth to Adulthood Game Changer!

In the U.S more than 20% of individuals, 15-19 years of age, experience feelings of depression and anxiety. These feelings often lead to suicidal ideation, with many choosing to hurt, harm, ruin, or end their own lives. The youth to adulthood transition can be very demanding on one's mental and emotional well being, leaving many to feel lost, alone, and out of options. 

Mindfulness is an effective mental and emotional strength building technique used to inspire individuals to shift their perspective towards positive expectations and outcomes. When applied in safe and supportive spaces, individuals are equipped to become:

🔑 Effective Life Decision Makers

😄 Proficient in Conflict Management

🧠 Mentally Wealthy

🤑 A Peer & Money Magnet!

The Adverse Adulthood outcomes that may occur when transitioning into adulthood with the lack of mindfully sound self awareness, emotional intelligence, and social skills are: 


🤔Poor Decision Making

😱 Risky Behavior

😔 Depressive Moods

😣 Anxious Thoughts

👀 Poor Time Management

The Breathe, Feel, and Live!
Youth Mindfulness Coaching Program

uses a 7 Step System designed to effectively help young adults mentally, emotionally, and socially thrive into adulthood.

Looking to Successfully Thrive into Adulthood?

Now Accepting Youth Ages 17-19!

Join our 12 week personalized program to acquire the skills needed to adapt and adjust to the rhythms of life for adulting success.

Spots are limited. Deadline to enroll is February 10, 2023


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