Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah

Mindfulness Coach | Author | Speaker

Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah is a child of God that loves delivering the Good News to the youth. She aims to help 15-19 year olds limit: distractions, desires to fit in, and the need to please so they may truly live as God intended; successful, abundant, unique, and purposeful lives. 

As the youth begin their journey to success, many are challenged with low self-esteem, self-doubt, and insecurities about who they are and what they desire to achieve in life. This has led many to experience anxious thoughts, depressive moods, attempts of suicide, and seeking one’s self through the lens of others. 

Living in this world can be challenging.  

As someone who was once in their shoes,

 Dr. A understands the battles they are
facing and the fears that come with
leaving home to operate on their own

It can be daunting,

frightening, and



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It took going through many lessons in life before she realized, even though she was transitioning into a phase of independence, she wasn’t alone. God was with her, with many great plans in store for her journey. 

Today, the gap between spirituality and success continues to expand, as many young adults strive to attain their goals through hard work, following trends to increase their social following, and engaging in worldly behaviors for likability among peers. The short-term goal this method produces is self-fulfilling….but does not last long. In fact, those who approach adulting with a self-made mindset, end up attaining what they set out to do, yet struggling with feelings of emptiness and lack of purpose.

Psychologist Session

Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah is on a mission to help young adults

make wise decisions as they transition into adulthood.

A Supportive Hug

Her methods are simple:

"you must FLY: Fearlessly Live as Yourself!" 


She teaches the youth the importance of self-love and development, while building a relationship with God to achieve true success. Her Missing Link to Adulting Success blog helps young adults prioritize self-reflection and spirituality, overcome doubts, strengthen faith, discover purpose, and develop the courage to lead an authentic life. 

After serving as an Epidemiologist, helping to improve the way people live, work, and play; for government, public institutions, and non-profit organizations, Dr. A now travels the world teaching the value of self-love practices, life purpose revealing strategies, mental wealth habits, and success building activities. 

Through embracing her journey and who God has called her to be, audiences really enjoy her ability to connect the dots for young adults preparing for adulthood, while normalizing the practice of self-love and Godly principles. 


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Individuals who Complete this Program are equipped to become: 

  • Effective Life Decision Makers

  • Proficient in Conflict Management

  • Mentally Wealthy

  • A Peer & Money Magnet


Enroll into this 12 week personalized program to learn the skills needed to adapt and adjust to the rhythms of life and thrive into adulthood successfully! 

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Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah
Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah
Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah
Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah
Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah
Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah
Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah