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Remembering Lucille Clifton

Today we celebrate Women’s History Month by honoring Mrs. Lucille Clifton, an incredible author, educator, and poet born in Buffalo, New York. Mrs. Clifton is known for her prolific poetry that encourages individuals to endure adversity with strength, courage, and tenacity.

Mrs. Clifton started her poetic career at the age of 43. Shortly after, she became a well known and highly rewarded writer who transcended the racial barriers of her time.

Her life and career inspired many around the world to dream big, live authentically, and never allow challenges to stop them from becoming their best self.

What is Lucille Clifton Best Known For?

Come Celebrate with Me!

Won’t you celebrate with me

What i shaped into

A kind of life? I had no model.

Born in Babylon

Both non-white and woman

What did I see to be except myself?

I made it up

Here on this bridge between

Starshine and clay.

My one hand holding tight

My other hand; come celebrate

With me that everyday

Something has tried to kill me

And has failed.

By Lucille Clifton

👣How are you choosing to live? Hopefully free to be who God created YOU to be.


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