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Assist Your Students or Youth Groups in Discovering the Key to Successful Adulthood!

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It is time to FLY!!
Fearlessly Live as Yourself

Mindfulness Coach helping YOUth manage stress and develop healthy habits for Adulthood

Let Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah help your students, classroom, organization, or school propel into adulthood with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to be successful in the future.  

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Get Your Free Adulting Survival Guide

Start developing the essential skills you need to thrive as an adult by accessing our free guide for students.

SEL Workshops

Our workshops are tailor-made to provide young adults with the necessary tools and guidance to help them achieve their full potential. Stress management, personal growth, and emotional intelligence are just a few of the areas we concentrate on. Our mission is to offer support and enable effective decision-making as they embark on their journey to adulthood.


Mindfulness Trainings

Our specialized Mindfulness Trainings are crafted to equip young adults with powerful meditation and mindfulness techniques that effectively tackle stress, anxiety, and negative thought patterns. These trainings foster positive thinking and help to reinforce mental toughness.

Motivational Speaking

Do you want to inspire your students as they transition into adulthood? Dr. A is an exceptional speaker who can ignite passion, build relatability, and provide practical advice to help individuals recognize their potential and boldly pursue it. Book to motivate and empower your students!

Choose Your Path and Book Your Event Today!


"The part of the presentation that impacted me the most was Dr. A's story about her High School experience. I like how she shared her perspective in a way for us to relate. Individuals who are going through a tough time in life should hear this message to get motivated."

Bryce Miller -  High School Student

"I like how Dr. A shared her story of running from her mental health because I tend to do that too. I definitely feel others should hear her message and how she ties God into Mindfulness and being at peace with yourself. It can help many people, both young and old, who struggle with mental health."

Chloe Brantley -  High School Student

"It felt good to hear someone say that sometimes students just need someone to listen. Others should hear this message because it was very inspiring and opened my mind up."

Micaela Futch -  High School Student

She is young, gifted, and a Black woman that has the ability to draw in others through her presentation about her journey. It impacted me to hear her say that youth can achieve their dreams, if they put God first to accomplish all things.

Rev. LaRhonda Cook

Associate Minister

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

Image by Akira Hojo

Dr. Jarilyn Conner
Professor/Consultant for 4 Year Universities, Colleges, and Families who have Children Diagnosed with Autism

I love Dr. A's authenticity and transparency while sharing knowledge and data to the audience. What impressed me the most was her sincerity and kindness. There are so many Young Adults that are hurting, frustrated, in a lot of pain, and carrying a lot of pressure. Her presentation will help them and their parents see what they are going through. Excellent information and tremendous speaker!

Mrs. Melody Martin 
Finance & Accounting Director 
Anaheim Ducks

I loved Dr. A and her ability to speak truth with compassion and authenticity. Her delivery will touch your heart and engage your mind. It is very important for Young Adults to see and know they are not alone in their struggles.

Mrs. Theresa Mays
wans Club of the Inland Empire

Dr. A is an outstanding speaker! Among the best we have seen. Her dedication and passion to help young women prepare to succeed in their personal and professional lives filled the room. I know that other organizations will be blessed by her story.

Mrs. Aaliyah Harkley
Retired - Community Services Manager 
City of San Bernardino

What a sincere speaker! It felt very warm to know and experience someone who really wants to help our Youth. There are so many children that need this kind of help to know they have a fighting chance. Please continue to help them and heal our future.

I love the practical, realistic, and impactful options Dr. A provides to improve one's Mental Health. The speaker's personal experiences and life lessons were very touching and will help others gain control over their mental wealth. Her passion was very well felt.

Mrs. Christina Gleaton

High School Paraprofessional

Fontana Unified School District

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