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Mindfulness Coach helping YOUth manage stress and develop healthy habits for Adulthood

Let Dr. Amirah B. Abdullah help your students discover purpose, develop a strong spiritual foundation, and build the mental toughness needed to thrive in Adulthood

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Dr. A is an outstanding speaker! Among the best we have seen. Her dedication and passion to help young women prepare to succeed in their personal and professional lives filled the room. I know that other organizations will be blessed by her story.

Theresa M.

I love Dr. A's authenticity and transparency while sharing knowledge and data to the audience. What impressed me the most was her sincerity and kindness. There are so many Young Adults that are hurting, frustrated, in a lot of pain, and carrying a lot of pressure. Her presentation will help them and their parents see what they are going through. Excellent information and tremendous speaker!

Jarilyn C.

I really liked how Dr. A related to us and shared her life experiences. It really helped me and let me know that it's okay to's all about how you get back up from it. Other teens, like me, should hear her message because it will impact them...especially adolescents in the inner city.

Alehna L.

I love the practical, realistic, and impactful options Dr. A provides to improve one's Mental Health. The speakers personal experiences and life lessons were very touching and will help others gain control over their mental wealth. Her passion was very well felt.

Christina G.

I loved Dr. A and her ability to speak truth with compassion and authenticity. Her delivery will touch your heart and engage your mind. It is very important for Young Adults to see and know they are not alone in their struggles.

Melody M.

As a Young Adult, I love the connection I felt with Dr. A. Our similar experiences made me feel seen. Sometimes we feel we have to get ready for Adulthood on our own when we're missing a big piece....and that's God. We need to get closer to God so that He may handle all the worry and stress that unfolds in our lives.

Tamra H.

I love how Dr. A educates the audience on Mental Health and how it affects Young Adults. God is the factor helping them find self acceptance. Her presentation will draw more teens and young adults to open up about their mental health issues.


What a sincere speaker! It felt very warm to know and experience someone who really wants to help our Youth. There are so many children that need this kind of help to know they have a fighting chance. Please continue to help them and heal our future.

Aaliyah H.